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Filtration Process

  • AquaRecycle's state of the art technology reclaims 100% of the wastewater. The recycle process removes lint, minute solids, organics, detergents, surfactants, oil
  • The recycled water is then disinfected and ready to use again for both the hot and cold water supply.
  • The only water lost in the process is that which is lost through evaporation, or approximately 10% or total water usage, and a small amount of recycled water used to backwash the filters periodically.
  • The temperature of the clean, recycled water will be about the same temperature of the wastewater, typically around 120 degrees.
  • Our recycled water is used for both the hot and cold water supply to the washing machines.
  • The patented process begins with the removal of suspended solids to under 2 microns.
  • We then filter the laundry wastewater through our proprietary blend of media to remove soaps, organics, free oil and grease, odors, chlorine, detergents and other contaminants in the process water.
  • The final process uses low-pressure ultraviolet light and ozone to disinfect the process water. Recycled water is returned for reuse, clean and disinfected, at an average temperature of 120 degrees.

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