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Introducing revolutionary new technology to an age-old product.

AquaRecycle® – the global leader in water products – has taken HEAT EXCHANGE processing to the highest level with EnergyRecycle™ By using the most comprehensive integrated logistical programming system on the market today, EnergyRecycle™ can maximize energy savings through breakthrough VFD technology and automated flow control features. Combined with internal pumping redundancies and economical design and functions provide a proven energy savings process with inexpensive upgrades to existing, but aging, Heat Exchangers of all shapes and sizes.


With 3 standard size:

Small (100 GPM)   |   Medium (200 GPM)   |   Large (300+ GPM)

we can retrofit any Heat Exchanger or completely replace with fully functioning systems, depending on your budget, footprint and needs. And, as with all AquaRecycle® products, EnergyRecycle™ comes with free daily monitoring, guaranteed savings, monthly savings reports or easy integration into EMS systems.

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