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We strive to offer our customers the highest level of service and expertise for your laundry operation. Our Sales and Engineering staff are experts in Operations, Chemistry, and Engineering to insure every installation receives the highest level of experience and technical knowledge to maximize your water and energy savings without linen quality issues. When we install a recycle system in your laundry facility, we can provide our customers with expertise in correct chemical balances, excellent linen quality, and professional construction and engineering for a seamless start up with your laundry operations. Below is their credentials for your review.  


Jeff Lebedin, President and CEO
Jeff Lebedin is the founder and President of AquaRecycle, an environmentally focused manufacturing company specializing in recycling products for commercial laundries. Jeff’s background is financially focused, with an MBA from Georgia State University and CPA Certification in the State of Georgia. After a series of successful business ventures, he started AquaRecycle in 1998 and with a team of experts developed the most successful laundry water recycle system on the market today. The AquaRecycle Wash Water recycling system was patented in 2005. To date there are over 400 recycle systems throughout the world and over 7.5 billion gallons recycled. AquaRecycle introduced its newest product, ThermalRecycle, in 2008 which takes dryer exhaust and reuses the heat.


H. Randolph (Randy) Anderson, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Engineer
Randy is one of the founders and owners of AquaRecycle and has been with Company since its inception in 1998. Randy Anderson holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida.  Prior to AquaRecycle, Mr. Anderson worked in the recycling of other types of industrial wastewaters.  His expertise with water filtration stems from his Masters Thesis research in water disinfection through the use of solar energy, a program support by both NASA and the U.S. department of Energy.


Gene Dedick, Vice President of Sales, Midwest and West Coast
Mr. Dedick’s academic history includes a BS in Marine Geochemistry from the University of South Carolina, an MS in Physical Chemistry from the University of Miami, FL and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin. He has published work in the Journal of Solution Chemistry and the Bulletin of Marine Science. Mr. Dedick’s work experience includes over 20 years in the water & energy technology sector with the following companies: Betz, Grace Dearborn, Betz Dearborn, ChemTreat, US Filter-Siemens, GE Betz-Hercules & VRTX Technologies.


Danya Larios, Director of International Sales and Marketing
Danya Larios´s multilingual professional background with over 10 years experience in senior positions in the financial environment for multinational companies, combined with business skills responsible for the implementation of marketing strategies with a particular eye on expansion in the US and international markets, adds to our corporate goals and our quest to save water and energy all over the world.


Suresh R. Pillai, International Sales Manager, Middle East, Northern Africa, India, China and Far East
Suresh has a 20 year career in water recycling and water treatment. Expert in STP and DAF technologies as well as Ozone and water softening. Graduated from Osmania University in Hyderabad India and is a Member of Energy Engineers (MEE) and Association of Professionals, Engineers, Scientists, and Managers (APESMA). Suresh speaks 4 languages – Hindi, Marth, Malayalam as well as English. He is married with a son and resides with his family in Toronto, Canada.


Rahim Abdul, Director – International Sales and Marketing Asia, Middle East and North Africa
Rahim Abdul has over 10 years of experience in high efficiency boilers, water heaters, heat exchangers, water softeners and booster pumps in commercial industrial applications. Rahim has an accomplished track record Sales, Project and Operation Management that includes customer retention and developing and customizing solutions for different clients. He has managed and completed several projects in Prison and Correctional Facilities including CCA and Geo Group throughout United States. Rahim holds a Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting, Marketing, and have an MBA in Business Management. Rahim speaks more than Four languages and currently learning Arabic. He is married and lives in Georgia with wife and three daughters.


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Randy Anderson
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Director of International Sales and Marketing


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Director – International Sales and Marketing
Asia, Middle East and North Africa



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