AquaCoin® Custom Systems for Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry operations are facing unique challenges as municipalities impose increasing restrictions on wastewater discharge and restrict volumes of city supplied fresh water to operations. Impact fees make the start up of new coin laundry in certain cities financially restrictive.

With a combination of reduced impact fees, substantial water and sewer savings, and reductions in energy costs to provide hot water, AquaRecycle can provide coin laundry operators new opportunities in expansion or new business ventures.

As the various environmental demands increase for this industry, we have experienced an increased interest in recycling coin laundry wastewater. While our Recycle System can operate in this environment, we would like to be very clear that there will be certain challenges and an increased involvement from the operator due to the volatility of the coin laundry operation.

Liquid soaps only can be utilized by customers, and the operation would need to be manned to prevent heavily soiled garments (mechanic uniforms, etc) from creating a waste stream that cannot be filtered properly for reuse.

Please contact us to learn how your coin laundry operation can qualify for the cost savings and additional profits that our Laundry Water Recycle System will provide.

Coin Laundry Water Recycling