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LEED Certification

Going Green? Take the LEED with AquaRecycle®

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), created by the US Green Building Council, is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. LEED Certification can help reduce (combat) the rising cost of water, energy, and waste management. Having LEED certification will also increase productivity, performance, and value.


AquaRecycle water recovery and reuse programs can help get you LEED Qualified! To earn LEED Certification a building or property must meet certain prerequisites and performance benchmarks (“credits”) within each category. Projects are awarded Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum certification depending on the number of credits they achieve.


This comprehensive approach is the reason LEED-certified buildings have reduced operating costs, healthier and more productive occupants, and conserve our natural resources.



AquaRecycle can help your facility qualify and earn LEED Points in at least five LEED Categories!

1. Sustainable Sites (8 Credits / 14 Points) – Emission of Laundry Water, its components, and Green House Gasses


2. Water Efficiency (3 Credits / 5 Points) – Water Providing Treated Reuse Water rather than city water for Washing and Reduced Sewage Flow via Recycling Laundry waste water for reuse


3. Materials & Resources (7 Credits / 13 Points) – Reduced fuel consumption, Salt consumption for softeners and waste treatment chemicals


4. Indoor Environmental Quality (8 Credits / 15 Points) – Reduction in GHG Emissions and fossil fuel vapors due to reduction in energy use


5. Innovation & Design (2 Credits / 5 Points) – Recycle Technology approval for Innovative Non-Chemical Laundry Process Water Treatment and Points Awarded


LEED US Green Building Council Rating System of Performance Goals:

  • LEED Certified: 26 – 32 Points
  • LEED Silver: 33 – 38 Points
  • LEED Gold: 39 – 51 Points
  • LEED Platinum: 52+ Points

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